B.W., sister of resident.

My sister is a different person after moving into the Ponderosa.  She has made friends and has become upbeat and outgoing.  She engages in all the activities there.  It all began the day she moved in.  We were unpacking her things in her apartment and Jennifer, the activities director, came in and introduced herself and invited my sister to afternoon tea.  To our surprise, she said yes and off they went!  My sister checks the activities calendar daily and goes to almost every one – morning and afternoon. Diana, the community relations director, made the transition and move in process quick and easy.  All the staff at Ponderosa is helpful and friendly.  The food is great, the menu is extensive and it changes every month.  My sister is thriving.  Thank you, Ponderosa!


R.C., Resident

Ponderosa stood out to me the moment I walked in the door. There were a couple residents sitting down in the lobby that welcomed me and it just felt like home. I would most definitely recommend Ponderosa to everyone. The residents and staff are exceptional. When you need something, it is done as soon as possible. They are always prompt and friendly. The move in process was quick and easy. The admissions director came to my former home to help me fill out paperwork and was with me every step of the way. The quality of Ponderosa is amazing. All the staff are miracle workers! Ponderosa is HOME!


Jack Moseman, Resident

I would recommend Ponderosa to anyone. The residents and staff here are great. It is the second best next to being in my own home. The move in process was easy; everyone was nice, pleasant, and helpful throughout. Being at the Ponderosa makes me feel like I am at home and I am very happy to be here. Ponderosa has a great menu! It changes each month but there is always familiar food. The kitchen staff does a great job and are always willing to adjust any meal to a personal preference.


Phillis G., Resident

Before I was looking for assisted living, I visited the Ponderosa with a friend. When I came for a visit, I saw how well the staff took care of her friend and how friendly everyone was. Since making the move to Ponderosa, I can confidently say the care is great and everyone is very friendly. Ponderosa also has a great menu with a nice variety. I really love that the menu changes monthly. The kitchen is able to fix meals so that there is something for everyone.


Glenda, Daughter of Resident

Moving to the Ponderosa is one of the best decisions our mom ever made.   She was very lonely after our dad died.   My sister and I were doing our best to clean her apartment and take her grocery shopping, but Mom wasn’t eating right or remembering to take her medications.  The Ponderosa opened a new world of friends and activities for her.  She is thriving.  She really enjoys sitting outside visiting in the summer and inside in the living room area during the winter.  What I have been most impressed with is how well the entire staff knows not only Mom, but every other resident.  We the family, feel known and well informed.  The Ponderosa is a perfect fit for our mom.


M.C., Resident

My husband and I were first looking at assisted living because he needed more care with his increasing health problems. We found the Ponderosa and quickly made the move. The Ponderosa has a good menu, with a variety of options. I enjoy the activities but my favorite would be knitting because we get to sit and visit with each other. I love that I can have my dog here, since it has been hard since my husband passed away.


Shelley W., Resident

When looking for a new place to live, I was really drawn to Ponderosa. I heard great things about it. My move in process was really fast and was made easy for me. I would recommend Ponderosa to anyone; everyone is happy here and the staff is really great. I love our menu here. It has the best food and that is saying something because I am a picky eater! Being active was one of the main reasons to moving and Ponderosa does not disappoint. My favorite is jewelry making and manicures!


C.M., Friend of Resident

The Ponderosa is clean and comfortable with friendly, caring staff members. During the move in process, everyone was helpful and accommodating. Ponderosa’s menu changes monthly, which makes it enjoyable. My main reason for recommending Ponderosa to friends and family would be the friendly people and the abundance of activities. My friend really enjoys the friends she has made at The Ponderosa.